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This is a short presentation about the crazy cat lady behind Furry Graphics.

About me!

~ This website is a hobby project,
since I believe that the world needs a lot of cute kitten clipart and crafting ~

I have always loved animals (including cats of course!) and when I was a kid I had my whole room
filled with guinea pigs, birds, various kinds of rodents and an aquarium. I was also very fond of
drawing and spent most of my childhood drawing and painting as well as riding and reading.
Naturally I became a biologist later on in life.

I live in south east of England together with my husband, who is studing at the university,
and our two daughters...and our beloved cat. Her name is Molly and she is mostly black
with a dash of white and her tail has a kink in it. She is very, very cute and... quite furry.

the cutest kitten in the world
The cutest kitten in the entire Universe!