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50 GIF images, resolution 72 dpi
Download size: 180 kB
Price: $3.00
Sale! 20% off!
Goodnight Kitten Clipart Set
goodnight kitten clip art kit

Clipart Set

The Goodnight kitten Clipart set contains 50 clipart's with sleepy kittens, moons and stars as well as accessories such as sleeping pillows and adorable sleeping caps.

The sample picture shows some examples of pictures for the set in full resolution, while the clipart set shows the whole set.

The Clipart set contains no less than six labels/buttons, 13 different kitten pictures, four backgrounds patterns, two dividers, one decorative border, one banner and four misc. signs plus additional nineteen other clipart pictures.

The Goodnight Kitten Clipart can for digital scrapbooking as I have shown under the craft idea section. If you want to know more about digital scrapbooking and how to enhance your digital photos, see the full digital scrapbooking tutorial by clicking here.


Price: $3.00 Sale! 20% off!
50 GIF images, resolution 72 dpi
Download size: 180 kB

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