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Here are some example of craft ideas that I would like to share and which hopefully will inspire you
to do your own projects! I have also included tutorials for scrapbooking,
which I hope will be of use for those who recently has picked up the scrapbooking hobby!
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Scrapbooking Projects and Craft Ideas!
Remake a Tissue Box into a Get Well Soon gift   Do it Yourself - Flower Embellisments

tissue box craft

Learn how to make a wonderful Get Well Soon present which also will serve as a reminder to the patient that she or he has friend that cares!

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flower embellishment

Learn how to create these beutiful flower embellisments in paper art, for scrapbooking decorations or card making.

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Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial - Vintage Wedding   Step-by-Step - Butterfly Embellisments

wedding picture

Digital scrapbooking for beginners, learn how to scrap old wedding pictures with a classic romantic touch.

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butterfly paper embellishment

In this paper art tutorial I'll show how to make your own beautiful butterflies, which may be used for scrapbooking, card making, gift decoration and more.

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    Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial - Winter Walk


baby winter scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking for dummies, learn how to scrap baby winter picture using Photoshop!

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Make Your Own Scrapbooking Tags   Birthday Invitation Card Tutorial

Make your own scrapbooking tags

Learn how to make your own personal and creative scrapbooking tags with a personal touch!

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birthday invitation card scrapbooking

I have made a tutorial where you will to merge digital and traditional scrapbooking together.

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Personal Bookmark   Pen Jar Project

make your own bookmark

Create your own personal bookmark with a cute kitten clipart decoration. Keep it or give it to a cat loving friend.

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decorate a glass jar

This craft idea is a nice example of how you can make a pretty pen jar. A perfect project for rainy days!

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Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial - Sleeping Baby   Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

digital scrapbooking

In this tutorial I will show you how to get started with digital scrapbooking and to
to use digital photos
and digital scrapbooking.

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make your own jigsaw puzzle

Want to know how you can make your own jigsaw puzzle with a cute kitten picture?
Step-by-step description and free downloads.

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Quotes & Sayings - Love and Wedding   Quotes & Sayings - Friendship

love and wedding quotes

Here are my favourite love and wedding sayings, perfect to use for scrapbooking layouts or card making!

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friendship quotes

I have collected the best sayings and proverbs regardning friendship. Use it for your friendship scrapbooking or for cards!

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Craft and scrapbooking reviews and articles    

the history of scrapbooking

Read all about your new hobby here! Articles and book reviews covering scrapbooking and craft.

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