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Here is a book review regarding the book "Nursery Craft", which I think is a great book for inspirations and ideas
for decorating the nursery room and making your own baby toys.

"Nursery Craft", editor Penelope Cream (96 pages)
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he book "Nursery Craft" is a wonderful present for a crafting Mommy-to-be. It contains 70 different projects for the nursery and for small children. Each project is careful described with easy step-by-step explanations and pictures as well. The book contains all sorts of project, from toys suitable for 3-12 month old to decoration tips for the baby room. It is over all a lovely, fun and inspirational craft book.
My favorite toys are the fabric book, the jigsaw train and the classical Jacob's ladder.

I like the idea of making toys to your children, not only because it is cheaper and more fun, but also because I believe small children appreciate wooden handmade toys instead of newly produced plastic ones.

Other craft projects are decoration ideas regarding the baby room, for example how to make boxes, drawers and chest more interesting and enjoyable for a little child. Further craft projects also include T-shirt decorations, knitting jumpers and sun hats, all explained in an easy and fun way.

The only thing I lack regarding the book is that I wish that the book had even more craft projects! Furthermore, I think that it would have been nice with some projects that might have been aimed to older children, but over all I think it is a fantastic book and would high recommend it to anyone, as a baby shower gift or for personal use!

An extra plus is that the book encourages the use of natural materials and non-toxic supplies and also has a section on how to test the safety of your craft items and a reminder to never ever leave craft items (such as scarp scissors, etc) for small children to lay their chubby little hands on.


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