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Here is a step-by-step description of how to make beautiful paper butterfly embellishments without using scrapbooking punches. These decorations can be used to for
for scrapbooking embellishment, card making, gift decorations or other craft related projects.

Butterfly Embellishments
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For this craft project you will need:

1) A couple of coloured paper in various colours (although I recommend that you chose one paper in the colour of green for body of the butterfly). Choose acid free paper if you want to use the decoration for scrapbooking, but this is not necessary if you are going to use if for paper craft.

2) Paper glue (toxic and acid free) and a pair of tweezers (not in the picture, I figure out that later on after I had started with the project...)

3) A hole puncher (not necessary if you are good at cutting small circular paper peaces).

4) A pair of paper scissors and some coloured pens or ink (your choice) for the decoration.

embellisments without punches  

Step 1

First, cut out three pieces of paper: One long and thin, which will later become the butterfly's body. Make sure to make it a little bit broader than necessary (you will see why later). Cut two identical pairs of colour paper. One of the pair needs to be slightly larger than the other. These will later become the butterfly's wings, so choose pretty colours that go well together.

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Step 2

Here we go! Now shape that butterfly body and cut the wings nicely. Remember to keep one of the pair smaller than the other like I've done. You can see that the pink butterfly wings are smaller than the yellow ones.

paper craft butterfly  

Step 3

Carefully glue the smaller wing pair (pink) on top of the larger ones (yellow).

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Step 4

Now add the wings to the butterfly body (and this is the reason why you should make the butterfly's body a little bit chubby, so that you have some extra space to glue the wings on).

paper craft project  

Step 5

Time for decorations! You can make any kinds of decorations as you like. I have chosen a combination of painted decorations and paper decorations. First I add my paper decorations, each wing gets three dots. Notices how the paper dots on the upper wings are smaller close to the edge.

butterfly embellishment  

Step 7

Make as many butterflies as you like in various designs and colours until you run out of paper! :-)
Use them for scrapbooking embellishment, card making, gift wrappings or anything you like!