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Digital Scrapbooking - Vintage Wedding

Download the Digital Scrapbooking Project (PDF)


This is a digital scrapbooking tutorial in three parts, where I will show you how to scrap your parents wedding picture
(or grandparents or event grand-grandparents if you are lucky to have photos of their wedding day).

I have used free scrapbooking supplies which can be found by following the links under step 1 and the tutorial is a step-by-step guide for digital scrapbooking where I have used Photoshop, and I will show you several nifty was to create effects such as dropping shadows and use layers. Let's begin!

Step 1

I start off by opening my three documents in Photoshop. (You can of course use any kind of software, but I prefer Photoshop.)
I have chosen the Old fashioned Yellow Vintage Frame and the Background Old Paper for my scrapbooking project.
I have also taken a photo (with my digital camera) of my grandparents wedding (bless them both, R.I.P.),
which where taken in the 1940ies. (You can of course also scan the photo if you have a scanner at home.)

I rename the background paper (which has the right size) and I choose 200dpi for resolution. This will make my computer run smoother and most printers (except for glossy magazines) are not able to print in 300 dpi anyway.

digital scrapbooking tutorial


Step 2

I need to crop the wedding picture a little bit. I will do that by choosing the Rectangular Marquee tool
(you'll find it first left in the tool bar). I then drag the tool and mark the area that I want to crop
and then I choose “Crop” by hitting Image > Crop.

I will now paste the frame into my new document. I press and hold Ctrl + A, and then choose “Copy”
under Edit > Copy. I make sure that I have marked the (renamed) background picture and
I paste the frame by hitting “Paste” under Edit > Paste.  
I then close the frame picture, since I wont use it any more and I repeat the process by copying
and pasting the wedding picture into the (still renamed) background picture and close the wedding photo.

photoshop scrapbooking


Step 3

Hm …Now the wedding picture is a little bit to large, so I need to shrink it a little.
Since the wedding picture was the last one added, it is already marked. (More about layers in a while).
I hit “Free Transform” under Edit > Free Transform and scale the picture
(by holding the mouse in the corner of the photo) until I am happy with the new size.

photoshop tutorial

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