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Digital Scrapbooking - Vintage Wedding

Download the Digital Scrapbooking Project (PDF)


Step 4

Ah, layers, yes. You probably noticed that on the last picture, the frame was behind the wedding photo
and now (just like magic!) it is in front. OK, the magic bit here is called layers and works
pretty straight forwards as… eh, well, as layers works.

The tool bar to the left shows the layers in descending order; that is the first layer lay on top of the others,
the second layer lay on top of all the others, but beneath the first one.
Ah, and now would be a good time to save your work (do it on a regular basic to avoid nasty accidents).

I resized the picture a little bit more (by as you remember hitting Edit > Free Transform.
I also removed the edges of the photo that was to large by marking the area with the Rectangular Marquee Tool
and hit the Delete button. I also remove the stupid text “Photo” that some smuck
has written inside the frame (no, hang on, that was me). To remove the clever “Photo” text, use the
Rectangular Marquee Tool and make sure that you switch layer or you will end up with a little hole
in your photo (you can always press Ctrl + Z if that happens).

digital scrapbooking wedding


Step 5

OK, so I'm getting quite happy here with the result, but I want to add a just a little bit of colour
to the black and white photo. I do this by (first making sure I'm working in the right layer)
by hitting “Photo filter” under Image > Adjustments > Photo filter and I choose “Warming Filter 81”.

digital tutorial scrapbooking old photo


Step 6

Let's add some text to our scrapbooking project. I like the old saying

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed,
Something Blue and a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe”

and the saying fits it well with the old style scrapbooking design that we have achieved so far.
I change the font under the drop menu under the top menu.

free scrapbooking tutorial

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