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Digital Scrapbooking - Winter Walk

I have made a digital scrapbooking tutorial using Photoshop,
where I will show you step by step how to scrap winter pictures,
I hope you like it!
Download the Digital Scrapbooking Project (PDF)


Step 1

First things first. I have decided to make a winter scrapbooking layout using a photo taken the winter 2007 of my youngest daughter (1.5 years old when the picture was taken, but growing so f-a-s-t!)

I want a cold feeling for the layout, which will match the snow at the picture, so I have chosen
the Ocean blue Silk Paper Background and the Winter White Snowflake Frame.
(Just follow the links for to find the free downloads.) I have used the software Photoshop,
which is my favourite program and I will show you (a trick or two) that I have picked up over the years.

digital scrapbooking for dummies


Step 2

I open a new document and paste the background, by first selecting all, by choosing
Select > All in the top menu and the coping it by choosing Edit > Copy and the click on the
new document and paste it by hitting Edit > Paste. Since 300 dpi is a extremely high resolution
(mostly used for glossy magazine), I save the document in 200 dpi, which will make
my computer run more smoothly. I then copy the frame and the photo and add them
to the new document by the same procedure.

digital scrapbooking supplies


Step 3

Ooooh, looking good already!

how to use digital frames

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