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Here I'll show you how to make your own paper flower embellishments,
for scrapbooking, card making or other craft related projects. It's quite easy and you don't need any expensive scrapbooking punches, while the result is just lovely! Good luck!

Flower Embellishments
craft ideas do it yourself  

For this craft project you will need:

1) A couple of coloured paper in various colours (although at least one paper needs to be green for the leaves of the flower)

2) Paper glue (toxic free) and a pair of tweezers (not in the picture, I figure out that later on after I had started with the project...)

3) A hole puncher (not necessary if you are good at cutting small circular paper peaces).

4) A pair of paper scissors and some coloured pens or ink (your choice) for decoration.

embellisments hole puncher  

Step 1

First, punch small wholes in the coloured paper (except for the green one) and open the hole puncher to collect the small round pieces of paper inside, or if you are nibble at cutting, just cut small round pieces, one for each flower.

scrapbooking decorations DIY  

Step 2

For each flower you will need to cut five pieces of 1 cm long and 0.5 cm wide pieces of the coloured paper (still except the green paper). This will be the flower petals later on.

craft project embellisments  

Step 3

Cut a rounded shape for each piece, and shape them nicely into flower petals.

create paper art  

Step 4

Do the same thing for the green leaves (which are going to become the flower's petals), but shape them into leaves at the top. Don't worry about the square bottom of the leaves for now.

flower leaf embellisment  

Step 5

Make a base by cutting a circle, roughly 3cm in diameter and then carefully glue the leaves in a circle around. Remember, if you have five leaves, they all have to form a pentagon at the base. In the middle you place the smaller circular paper from step 1 (not in the picture yet...)

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