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You can download the Pen Jar Project as a PDF file if you click here!

The Pen Jar Project
personal penjar with cat clip art  

Get started! A perfect indoor craft projects for rainy days!
This is what you will need for this craft project:

1.) A pair of scissors
2.) Tape (transparent)
3.) Glue
4.) Paper of different colours
5.) A Clipart set

I have used the Flower Kitten Clipart set available from this website, but of course you may use other types of clipart or stickers.

empty glass jar for project  

You also need an old glass jar, for example an used
jam jar or similar. Make sure it is clean and remove
the label. This is easily done if you let the jar sink in
hot water an hour or over the night. Carefully remove
the label without making any marks on the glass.

flower cat clip art for craft project  

Carefully cut out the clipart kittens from the paper.
Cut two pieces from the coloured paper. The first one
will serve as a label. Make sure the clipart kittens fit
on the label.

To decorate the border you can use a pair of
decoration scissors, but this is not necessary. Instead
cut a pattern with the scissors. For the second piece
of paper, make a long piece with one side cut with a
decorative pattern. This piece should be a couple of
centimetres longer than the perimeter of the jar.

decorate a glass jar with clip art  

Glue the kitten on top of the label and write the text
on the smaller label neatly. If you like you may choose
to laminate the paper to protect it from humidity and
wet hands.

However, you may also put tape over all
the labels when you attach them to the jar and protect
them that way (which is easier, since the labels etc.
will become stiffer if you laminate them).

pretty glass jar project  

Use tape and attach the longer piece of paper to the edge
of the jar. This is easily done if you first attach one of the
ends of the paper to the jar and then strap it tightly around
and attach the other end. Remove spare paper by
cutting it neatly.

lovely glass jar project  

Now place the smaller label above the bigger label.
Use the other clipart figures as decoration.

boring glass jar with pens  

This is how the jar of pens looked before.
(Rather boring, wouldn't you agree?)

make your own glass jar  

And this is the nice result!
Good luck and happy crafting!

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