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You can download the Bookmark Project as a PDF file if you click here!

Bookmark Project
create a book mark  

To create a lovely bookmark you will need the following:

1) A clipart set (I have used the Booklover Kitten Clipart set, but you can use any kind of clipart or draw a nice picture and create your own decoration)
2) A ruler
3) Paper glue
4) A Pencil
5) Needles (but it isn't necessary if you got nimble fingers)
6) Embroidery threads in different colours
7) A pair of scissors
8) Paper in two different colours


make your own bookmark project  

Draw a silhouette of your bookmark with a pencil and ruler.

cat bookmark make it yourself  

First you make a silhouette of the bookmark.
I have chosen a traditional shape: a rectangular shape with
an arc on top. Make two silhouettes, one slightly larger
with an arc and one smaller without the arc.
(The larger on will become a frame to your bookmark).

the personal bookmark  

Get your scissors and embroidery threads ready.

craft your own bookmark  

Take three embroidery threads and push the gently thru a small
cut that you have done on the larger silhouette of the bookmark.
If you like you can also use a needle instead.

Make sure that the ends of the thread are of equal
length when you are finished.
braid the threads bookmark  

Divide the threads into colour, so that you have divided the
threads into three parts and so that each part has the
same colour. (In this case: lilac, sky blue and marine blue).

Braid the threads and end them with a knot.
The resulting threads can be divided into smaller threads
to achieve that bushy end.

cute cat clip art for project  

Print the Booklover Kitten Clipart set and choose your
kitten picture. Cut out the picture carefully.

cute cat bookmark  

Place the smaller silhouette on the larger one and use paper glue
to make them stick together. Then place the Kitten Clipart
on top and voilà! (as they say in France):
You have your very own personal bookmark!

Keep it or give it to a close friend!