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Since jigsaw puzzle for children sometimes can be ridiculus expensive (unless you are lucky and can find it
second hand) I decided to try to make one by myself and it work out really good!
If you want to download the jigsaw puzzle craft description as a PDF, click here.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Project
craft ideas make it yourself  

For this craft project you will need:

1) A pair of scissors

2) Paper glue (toxic free)

3) An old cardboard box (not to thick, Kellogg's boxes are perfect.)
If you like you can also use wood, but only if you are really skilled at using a small saw...

4) A printed picture with a kitten and thin outlines for where to cut out the jigsaw puzzle pieces (you can download it here, or you can make it by yourself). It is best if the picture is printed with a laser printer, and not an ink printer, since the puzzle easily can get destroyed by water if it is printed with ink…

jig saw puzzle description  

Carefully spread the paper glue evenly on the paper with the picture.

cat jigsaw puzzle  

Then flip it and carefully place it on top of a piece of the cardboard box.

Make sure to remove all air bubbles before you…

craft project cat puzzle  

…Put something heavy (for example the yellow pages) on top on the puzzle. Now wait for about 30 minutes, and then check if the glue is dry. In not wait another 30 minutes or until the paper glue has dried.

craft idea create a jig saw puzzle  

Here is a critical stage in the crafting: Carefully (and I mean really carefully) cut out the pieces from the outline. The neater the better. You may have to use some more glue on some of the pieces if the glue wasn't spread on evenly.

craft pieces jigsaw puzzle  

All the twelve pieces are cut out!

make your own kitty jigsaw puzzle  

And the Cat jigsaw puzzle is finished! Fantastic!
Cute isn't it?