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Here I present an easy guide for a scrapbooking tags craft project,
which will show you how to make your very own (and personal!) scrapbooking tags!
You can download the make your own scrapbooking tags project as a PDF file if you click here!

Make your own scrapbooking tags
make your own scrapbooking tags  

Ooh, look! Beautiful hand made scrapbooking tags!
Keep reading and you will learn how to make your own
scrapbooking tags (it's easy, cheap and fun
and you can brag about them!)

scrapbooking supplies  

For this craft project you will need the following supplies:

1) Three thick papers (one light, for example white or lemon yellow and two darker.)
I'm making Christmas scrapbooking tags, so I have picked green and red, but of course you can choose any colours which match your layout.
2) A pair of scissors
3) A fancy pen (I borrowed a golden pen from my daughter's pen jar…)
4) An ordinary paper puncher for making holes.
5) A nice piece of ribbons, you will need approximately
10 cm for each tag.
6) Paper glue
7) A ruler, a pencil and rubber if you want to make a sketch before you write on the tags.(Not really necessary).

create scrapbooking tags  

Download and print the two scrapbooking tags templates
on your coloured paper and neatly cut along the marked lines.

Download the template for the outer profile (which I printed
on the red and green paper) by clicking here
and download the template for the inner profile
(for the lighter paper) by clicking here.

personal scrapbooking tags  

Use the paper glue and carefully mount the inner paper
on top of the outer (green and red) tags.

Piece of cake! Now to the tricky part…

christmas scrapbooking tag  

You need to punch a hole into the tag, by carefully measure
where you want it, and keep you fingers cross… and… Punch!

When that (nerve-racking part) is finished, add the ribbon
by threading both ends thru the hole and then tie it off.

Then it's time for the handwriting decoration part.
I choose a slightly italic writing with my (borrowed) golden pen
and also add a little golden frame.

Oooh, isn't that the most beautiful scrapbooking tag,
you've ever seen?
(Oh, alright… But, it is pretty, don't you think?)

ribbon tags  

Ah, the stunning result!
Four fantastic scrapbooking tags…

But wait, there is more…

scrapbooking bow  

As a variation to the ribbon scrapbooking tags,
you can instead make a little tied bow.

This demands some patient and really nimble fingers,
but the result is really worth it.

scrapbooking bow tags  

And here they are, four sweet scrapbooking tags
with cute tied bows.

make scrapbooking tags  

The final result!

Eight Christmas scrapbooking tags in different colours and
in two different styles, ready to be used for Christmas presents, scrapbooking projects, cardmaking, etc.

And now… It's your turn!
Go on, make your own scrapbooking tags!

Scrap and Love, everybody!