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Here I will show you how to remake a boring tissue box so that it will become a wonderful "Get well soon" present,
using Flower Embellishments and Butterfly Decorations.

Remake a Tissue Box Project
tissue box project  

Buy an ordinary tissue box and remove the cardboard opening. For this project you will need the following:

1.) A pair of scissors
2.) Tape (transparent)
3.) Crepe paper
4.) Thick paper of different colours

For the embellishment and decorations in this project, see separate descriptions on the website here:
Flower Embellishments and Butterfly Decorations.

crape paper craft project  

Start with wrapping the tissue box with the crepe paper, just like you would wrap a Christmas or birthday present. Crepe paper is fairly thin, so you may have to wrap it in two sessions.

paper art wrapping neatly  

Make sure that you wrap the edges nice and careful for a pretty result. Use tape to stick the paper together. Remember to make sure that the opening is at the up-side, so that the taped part will rest on the table.

decorate a tissue box paper  

Carefully cut a long cut where the opening of the tissue box is and make smaller cut radiating outwards.

pretty tissue box  project  

Then gently wrap the paper around the opening. To make sure that the crepe paper doesn't get lose when you remove a tissue, secure the paper on the inside of the box with some tape. (It's a little bit tricky, but doesn't have to be neatly done, since no one will look inside the tissue box :-)

lovely tissue box  craft project  
Cut an oval shaped piece of paper and write "Get well soon" using calligraphy. Encircle the words and make a free hand border decoration. If you don't want to write it yourself, you can always do it digitally and then print, but your friend will most likely appreciate the handmade result, which is a little bit more personally. (Or at least, that's what I would like :-)
get well soon present hand made  

Now it's time to add the paper embellishments which I showed you earlier how to do: Flower Embellishments and Butterfly Decorations. Make sure to place one each covering the tape on the edges.

make your own get well soon gift  

This is the before picture, not really such a pretty Get well soon present, is it?
(But, hey! It's the thought that counts!)

make your own get well soon present  

And here is the lovely result! Imagine getting this from a friend when you are down with a cold. Just add hot tea and a blanket! Get crafting now!