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Scrapbooking Dictionary & Glossary

Die cuts - Cut outs from paper made by die cut machines, which cuts out fonts or patterns which then can be glued on to your scrapbooking page. A die cut machine is (unfortunately) quite expensive, but sometimes they have them at libraries or if you are attending a workshop they might have one for you to borrow… If you like to scrap together with friend, you can buy one together.

Digital Scrapbooking - Scrapbooking projects done with the help of a computer and associated software program. The same basic structure for scrapbooking is carried out (that is to create and preserve a specific happening with the help of photos and a journal), but the methods are different.

Embellishment - Scrapbooking decorations added to your scrapbooking layout. Soft embellishment include ribbons, flowers and tags, while hard embellishment could be items such as buttons, charms and clips.

Embossing - A scrapbooking technique were you add a three dimensional design to your layout. Dry embossing or heat embossing are two most commonly used methods. A embossing tool are used to press down the paper above the stencil, similar to when you used to place a paper over a coin and go over it with a pencil as a kid, but without the pencil effect.

Focal Point - The focal point is the area which you want to high light in your layout, usually the photo, but it could also be something else, such as a memory item, like a train ticket or the journal.

Font - The specific style of letters or type. It could include a specific calligraphy handwriting style or computer letters.

Journaling - The journaling in a scrapbooking layout serves to expand and explain the scrapbooking layout. It could explain when and where the photo was taken or describe memories or feelings around the photo.