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Scrapbooking Dictionary & Glossary

Layout - The scrapbooking layout is the plan behind the scrapbooking design. Things to consider could be colours, fonts, journaling, borders, decorations and photos. Different layouts usually connect with the photo. For example an autumn photo could be decorated with embossed leaves and the colours could be chosen to reflect the season. For a whole scrapbooking album, a general layout could be selected.

Lignin Free - Free of Lignin (duh :- ) Nah, just kidding. Lignin free paper is paper that are free off (or contains just a little) lignin. Lignin in itself is wooden materials, which unfortunately make paper brittle and may destroy your photos as well! All scrapbooking supplies should be acid and lignin free, so that they may last and age with as little negative effects as possible.

Matting - Border technique to enhance your photo. The simplest way is to cut a piece of cardstock paper one centimetre larger that the photo and then glue the photo on top before adding it to the scrapbooking layout. Double mat could be done by adding two frames (one a little bit larger than the other, but both larger than the photo), a nice way to add extra colours to your design.

Memorabilia - Objects that is included in the scrapbooking layout, for example small souvenirs or train tickets (from a holiday scrapbooking) or a part from a wedding flowers for a wedding layout, etc. The object, certificate or document in it self tell a story and is included in the scrapbooking design.

Mount - To mount something is when you stick a photo, scrapbooking layout or decoration to another piece of paper.

Mounting Square or photo splits - Small pieces of tape, which sticks on both sides and are used for taping photos or other scrapbooking items to the scrapbooking background paper.