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Scrapbooking Dictionary & Glossary

Page Protectors - Transparent sheets that protects your scrapbooking photos and layouts. Make sure they are lignin and acid free. The best ones are archival safe to preserve you layouts for generations to come.

Photo Corner - Small pieces of paper which will adhere to the surface, so that you can mount your photos on your scrapbooking layout without actually tape or glue the photograph.

Punches - Various tools to punch out decorations from paper. A “punch” can also mean the decorated paper shape that comes from the punching tool. With punches you can decorate paper into intrigue lace or use the punch to create flowers and other scrapbooking embellishment.

Rubber Stamp - A stamp made of rubber with a decorative pattern or design which you can apply paint to and carefully stamp your on scrapbooking paper or card.

Scrapbooking - A creative process to preserve memories in a decorative and creative way for future generations. Scrapbooking layouts usually include a photo, a journal and decorations such as paper embellishment, ribbons or buttons.

Sticker - An adhesive decoration which can be added to your scrapbooking layout. Comes in various shapes and sizes with different motives and styles to match your scrapbooking layout.

Theme - The overall theme for a scrapbooking layout or album could be a chosen set of restricted colours (like green, red and white for Christmas scrapbooking layouts) or a theme to match the event that is captures, for example a thematic sea and beach design with sand and clams to match the scrapbooking layout of a summer holiday by the ocean.

Theme Album – A scrapbooking album with an overall layout or theme which harmonizes over the whole album, for example a scrapbooking wedding album with perhaps 10-15 pages from the wedding in the same colour and decoration.