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Scrapbooking Dictionary & Glossary

Tint or Shade – When a colour is gently mixed with another colour to get a dual colour effect or one colour mixed with water to get a transparent colour.

Tip - Good advice from your fellow scrapbooking friends! Can be found at workshops, the nearest scrapbooking store or here on Furry Graphics and other internet scrapbooking friendly web sites.

Title page - the name of your scrapbooking album or individual singular scrapbooking pages. The title page are traditionally in larger captions than other text (like for example the name of a book, you wouldn’t print that in minimal font, would you?) It can be displayed horizontal or vertical and should summaries the album content, and preferable be rather short, so it doesn’t take up to much space. It may be followed by a smaller title beneath which may give more information. For example: Title page: Summer holiday Brighton. Small title: Sand castles and family memories 2009.

Tone - Similar to tint or shade, but usually only made in grey colours or hue.

Unmounted stamps – Stamps (usually made out of rubber), which are not mounted. See also Mount above.

Vellum – A kind of old fashionable and very durable paper

Watercolour – Classic paint which can be used to colorize parts of the scrapbooking lay our by hand. Good to achieve a transparent effect.

Wide Edge Scissors or Decorative scissors – Special scissors with a special edge which make decorations as you cut (similar to punches) and may be used to create scrapbooking borders or for card making.

Workshops – A informal class with focus on scrapbooking or other craft art, usually held at the local scrapbooking store. A fantastic opportunity to meet new friends and discuss techniques as well as get inspired by other people’s scrapbooking art. Recommended warmly for both beginners and more experienced scrap-addicts. :- )

Xyron Machine – A specific machine which can laminate scrapbooking pages (for protection against for example humidity) and which also may apply adhesive to a page.

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