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New to scrapbooking and confused about all the new scrapping terms?
Fear not! I have made a glossary/ dictionary which covers the most common scrapbooking words and terms
as well as short descriptions of the most general techniques.

Scrapbooking Dictionary & Glossary

Acid Free - Scrapbooking paper, glue or ink which has a pH of above 7.0 (neutral) is considered acid free, which means that it will not damage your photos. Some papers are called “buffered papers” which means that it has for example calcium carbonate added to it, which will neutralize acids.

Album - An album or book (with blank pages) where you add your scrapbooking layouts (or pages). Comes in different sizes, 12 inch x 12 inch is the most common size, but mini albums in the size of 4 inch x 4 inch or 3 inch x 3 inch can also be found, as well as other sizes. Pick an album that matches your layout design and sizes and if you are a beginner, don’t choose an album with too many pages...

Beads - Beads and gems together with buttons can be sewn (or glued) on to decorate your scrapbooking design. Comes in various shapes and colours.

Border - The edges of your scrapbooking page or the edge around a photo. Can be decorative or plain. Sometimes a single white border around the photos gives the scrapbooking layout an elegant touch.

Calligraphy - Old fashionable style of writing, usually made by hand using ink, but calligraphy effects could also be done digitally, by choosing a stylish font and print or add to digital scrapbooking layout.

Card stock - Scrapbooking paper made in sturdy quality, usually available in different weight.

Chalking - A technique were chalk is applies on the scrapbooking page to enhance highlights, shading or add colour to your scrapbooking layout.

Decorative Scissors - Special scissors which creates decorative patterns when used, since the scissors blades are formed to create effects such as waves, torn paper or scallop.