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Here is a presentation of what kind of basic supplies you need to make your own scrapbooking page and
what to think of when you use paper, album and scrapbooking decorations.

Part 1: What do you need to scrap?
scrapbooking T

or traditional scrapbooking (the old paper-and-pen-method, without an annoying computer) you will need the following scrapbooking supplies:

Background paper: Background paper lays the foundation to your scrapbooking project. Most of scrapbooking papers come in the size of 12 times 12 inches. A good advice is to make sure that the paper is acid and lignin free, because acid paper can destroy your photos over time and lignin paper will get yellow and brittle with time.

Frames: Pre-made or do it yourself. (I prefer, as you might have guessed to make my own). To make a frame you will need a pair of scissors and some paper in different colours (as with the background paper, make sure that the paper is acid free). If you want to make fancy elaborated lace frames, a punch scrapbooking tool could be useful, but otherwise just use the scissors and be creative!

Photos, photos, photos! And copies, copies, copies! Take copies of the photos that you want to use for scrapbooking! Not only is it a wise precaution, if your scrapbooking project didn't turn out the way you wanted, at least you can try again. Also, sometimes you want to crop the picture and just use one of the persons in the picture, and cutting an original photo in half is kind of… cruel. Remember scrapbooking is about preserving memories, not destroying old original photos…

Glue: To add the frame and photo to the background, use acid free glue (and preferable toxic free, since you could sit for hours with the glue under your nose…). Always try newly bought glue on a small piece of paper to se how it will react with the paper. Some paper glue is horrible and will make your paper all crumbly (which sometimes can be saved by putting the scrapbooking page in press), so it could be worth trying a couple of different glue or ask in a scrapbooking store.

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