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Digital scrapbooking, the latest hype or here to stay? Read about the pros and cons
and figure out if digital scrapbooking could be something for you...

What is Digital Scrapbooking?
scrapbooking font

igital scrapbooking is more or less the same as traditional scrapbooking or at least the same principle and idea is the same: To preserve memories for the future. The only thing that differ are the method. To scrap the traditional way you use background paper, glue, photos and write a journal and add decorations, for example ribbons, scrapbooking tags or buttons. When it comes to digital scrapbooking the same basic scrapbooking is carried out (that is: to write some text, chose a photo and add decorations).

But instead of using a pair of scissors and glue, you use a computer and a suitable software to create your layout. Instead of a paper background, you use a e-paper background, instead of a photo, you use a digital photo, etc.

There are several pros and cons regarding digital scrapbooking. One of the largest benefits regarding digital scrapbooking is the endless possibilities and flexibility that the computerized scrapbooking method gives. You what the photo smaller? Not a problem. You finished the design, but realized that you preferred a different background? Easy. Want to try different fonts and decorations? Move it around without getting a migraine.

A second big plus is that you can reuse all your scrapbooking supplies over and over again. The same digital layout kit (and there is quite a lot to download free) can be recycled and you don’t have to end up with loads of left-over paper and sticky glue all over your working desk.

On the other hand: Digital scrapbooking doesn’t have the same hand-craft feeling, which just can’t be copied. An added digital pattern just isn’t the same as a carefully cut paper lace. Period. There is also a learning curve to get used to your new software program, and while you might save some money on recycling your digital scrapbooking papers, buying the software can be a large expence, however that does of course depends on which program you choose.

If you choose to print your digital scrapbooking project, it could be a good idea to make check that it gets printed on long lasting paper and with non- degradable ink/laser print. Depending on the quality of the printer and paper, your scrapbooking document can last 20 or more than 200 years (quite a different!), so it could be worth to ask a print shop to print your scrapbooking designs. (And make a extra copy, while you are at it.)

To sum up: You could say that digital scrapbooking is more like a different way to scrap, it gives an endless flexibility and can sometimes more resemble digital art than scrapbooking craft.