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Here is a short overview and explaination about scrapbooking, for those of you who
recently stumble upon scrapbooking or is curious about the hobby. Happy reading!

What is Scrapbooking?
scrapbooking letter

here are many definitions regarding scrapbooking, but basically scrapbooking is a hobby where you preserve your memories by choosing personal photos and together with a written journal or shorter text put them into a scrapbook album.There are many ways to create traditional scrapbook albums or scrapbook pages, but usually the photo/or photos are decorated with a frame, a background and a headline of cut out letters combined with a short text that is relevant to explain the picture and the occasion. This is a fun and nice way to keep your memories for yourself, but many scrapbook albums can also be meant to be handed down thru generations, and

thereby serves as a record of your family history. Other scrapbooking albums record a specific occasion, for example weddings, travels or birthdays celebrations.

All kinds of scrapbooking albums exist, both small and large with a permanent number of pages or albums which allow you to insert pages later on. The best paper to use is acid and lignin free paper, since otherwise the quality of your photos will slowly degrade and can be destroyed. For the same reason it is wise to use acid free glue. Photo corner mounts, stamps, ribbons and scrapbooking tags can also be used to further decorate your scrapbooking albums, and many people prefer a specific theme or colours for each album.

With digital photos, digital scrapbooking are becoming more and more popular, where the whole scrapbooking layout is done using a computer and graphics software. Digital scrapbooking has many positive benefits, e.g. it is easy to make copies and less hassle with glue and paper, however many scrapbookers prefer to use a combination of both digital and traditional scrapbooking for their hobby.