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My paper dolls has got themself a new look and some warmer autumn clothes,
and they also come with new hair styles.
Please take a minute and read the Terms of Use before downloading the paper dolls.

Clipart and Graphics for free!
Emily - Autumn Collection   Nina - Autumn Collection

paper doll autumn outfit

Emily has a nice collection of warm autumn clothes: A cap and a scarf, two skirts (one longer for the really chilly days), two pair of shoes and a nice pair of knitted socks plus a warm jumper.

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Lucy asian paper doll dressed for autumn

Nina's autumn collection consists of a long skirt, a short checked skirt, an cozy jumper, a lovely red jacket with mittens, a wollen cap and scarf, ruber boots for rainy days, socks and boots.

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Cassandra - Autumn Collection   Lucy - Autumn Collection

Cassandra afro american paper doll autumn collection

Cassandra's autumn outfit include a pink classy jacket, blue skirt with matching stockings, a cap and a scraf, a long skirt for the more nippy days and three pair of shoes. She also has a new hairstyle.

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collectable printable paper doll Lucy dressed for autumn

Lucy has prepared for the colder autumn weather with a knitted cap, scarf and mittens, two skirts, a warm jacket, a thick jumper and leather boots, wollen socks. Lucy also have new hair clips.

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