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Here I have gathered all kinds of early learning projects that are aimed for younger children,
from two years old to school age. Practising colours, letters and words in a fun and creative way with your kids!

Children's corner
Flash cards   Practise Colours

fairy stationary printable


Illustrated flash cards with easy readable words which can be used as reading aids for children in pre school or day care.

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picture whale


Practice the coulours by filling in the pictures with the right colour. Fun for younger kids.

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Practicing the ABC   Practise the Fruit

practicing ABC apple


Fun project for younger children to practicing the first spelling and colorize pictures.

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illustration banana


Creative and fun colorize the fruits project for younger children in pre-school or day care.

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Easter Fun Colorizing    

easter fun project children


Colorize these four Easter pictures during the holiday while waiting for the Easter Bunny and send them to relatives.

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