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Here you can see my updates during 2007-2008

News and Blog!

2008/11/04: Happy Birthday Furry Graphics! Furry Graphics has turn 1 year! To celebrate I have updated with more letters for the Practise the ABC and I am also working on a Winter Kitten Clipart set.

2008/10/30: I have updated the Alphabet with a Pear, a Queen and a Rocket!

2008/10/28: The Free Butterfly Envelope stationary with butterfly, flower and leaf patterns and art nouveau decorations are finished!

2008/10/25: I have updated with a new kitten clipart set: Halloween Kitten! 50 lovely halloween kitten picture that could be used for cardmaking, invitationcards, scrapbooking, webpages and more...

2008/10/23: Halloween is on its way, so I have updated with some free Halloween Scrapbooking Tags! Perfect for your Halloween scrapbooking project of cardmaking!

2008/10/21: More letters for my Practice the ABC are finished, also I am continuing with the Halloween Kitten Clipart set.

2008/10/18: Three new pictures for the Practice the ABC has been finished for the early learning project, a jar, a kite and a ladybug are now ready to get colourized!

2008/10/15: New letters for the Practise the ABC has been uploaded, including a very pretty goat! (It took forever to get it right, but it is soooo cute!) I am also working on a new cat clipart set, Halloween Kitten, which I hope to finish before the 31st of October...

2008/10/13: I have updatd Furry Graphics with a book review: "Nursery Craft" by Penelope Cream, a lovely book filled with 96 pages of craft ideas for toy making and decoration of the nursery room.

2008/10/12: I have written a new article for all scrapbooking fans who wants to know more about the history of scrapbooking: Modern Scrapbooking, from the early 19th century to today. Enjoy your reading!

2008/10/09: I have started a new early learning project: Practicing the ABC, for younger kids in pre school or daycare.

2008/10/07: I have updated Furry Graphics with the first set of Free Kitten Scrapbboking Tags! It was really fun
to make them (but a little bit tricky, but I am happy with the result, and I hop you like them as well...

2008/10/05: Sleeping Kitty Avatars, for cat lovers only to use as icons on forums.

2008/10/02: I have updated with Kitty Envelopes to use together with the Kitty Stationary
that I made earlier this week. I hope you like them!

2008/09/30: I have made four different free Kitty Stationary,
lined wrtiting paper with cat decorations, kitten paw patterns in different colours.

2008/09/28: Sometimes childres jigsaw puzzles are just to expensive, so
I have updated the craft idead section with a description on how you can make your own Cat Jigsaw Puzzle.

2008/09/25: New Linkware updates. I have made eight little cute Kitten Sig Tags,
which can be used as signatures in the end of an e-mail.

2008/09/23: I have updated the craft ideas section with a new article: What is Scrapbooking? Happy reading!

2008/09/20: With the help of a friend of mine, I can hereby proudly present Furry Graphics first Cat Wordpress Theme!
Four differnt cat themes for wordpress with cute cats and polka dots! Irresistable for any true catlover.

2008/09/18: The first part of my scrapbooking tutorial, where I will show how to use digital and traditional scrapbooking is complete. Learn how to make your own Birthday Invitation Card using both methods.

2008/09/16: I have finished four Myspace Cat Animations for decoration of myspace webpages.

2008/09/14: The semester has already started, but for those of you who hasn't marked your
school books (or your childrens school book), I have made these little Cat Book Labels. Suitable
for school books, childrens' books... and in fact on all kinds of books!

2008/09/11: I have competed the rest of the Autumn Collection for the paper dolls!
Cassandra and Lucy are now dressed for autumn!

2008/09/09: Autumn is here and it is time to make jam of this summers strawberries.
Free Strawberry Labels for homemade jam, marmelade and conserves in
different colurs can be found at the Free Stuff page. Wonderful to decorate your own jars!

2008/09/05: The Autumn Collection for the paper dolls are here!
I have updated with autumn clothes for two of the paper dolls, Nina and Emily.

2008/09/03: I have made eight Little Cat Avatars for everyone to use on forums or on myspace. Let the cat invasion begin!

2008/09/01: The History of Scrapbooking (part 1, because there is a lot to
tell about scrapbooking! :-) I am also working with an autumn collection with autumn clothes for the
free paper dolls.

2008/08/31: I have updated Practising the Colours,
this time with a cute teddy bear to paint in brown and a cute-as-a-bug lady bug to paint red.

2008/08/30: Furry Graphics is updated again, this time with a white cloud and an orange carrot.
I hope that the younger audience will appreciate them! (Hint, to colur the white cloud, colour the background instead!

2008/08/27: I have updated with more Free Pictures for Kids to Colourise, this time a large pink heart
and a smiling green pear. Also let me present the four free paper dolls: Emily, Nina, Cassandra and Lucy!

2008/03/02: Due to travels and X-mas celebrations, my work with my furry little internet friends have been
some what neglected, but I have updated with a new clipart: Happy Birthday Kitten, and I am currently working with some crafting projects for the clipart set.

2007/11/11: I have finished the Free Stationary! Four lovely stationary in different colours and with butterfly pictures.

2007/11/07: Updating Furry Graphics with craft ideas how to create the Booklover Kitten Bookmark.

2007/11/02: Fixing all small mistakes.

2007/11/01: The Website is launched, at last.

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