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Latest updates and blog: Summer and creativity in England and at Furry Graphics.

News and Blog!

2010/07/21: I've continued with my obsession with modelling clay and continued with a whole range of High tea side dishes. The bunny family will probably have to go on a diet when I'm finished :-) Suzy from Arizona in the States have asked what kind of modelling clay I've been using, and the answer is: Fimo model clay. If you're considering using it: Please pay attention to that the clay is slightly toxic, and should not been eaten (younger children/ pets) and definitely not put in the oven at higher temperatures, than recommended, which I did after misreading the instructions and confusing Fahrenheit with Celsius up... Ops!
I'll update later on with some pics, thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments, please, keep sending them!

fimo clay creation
The bunnies are having a birthday party!

2010/07/11: Summer time is outdoor time, and I've taken a break from scrapbooking and other indoors project, but I couldn't resist to do some model clay toys the other day for my youngest daughters playhouse.
The dollhouse is more than 10 years old, but still functional and are currently housing a family of adorable bunnies. They have a bric-a-brac variety of furniture, some crafted and other picked up from flee markets.
Yesterday I bought some Fimo model clay and today, before I knew it, the entire family (including my not-so-crafting partner)
were involved in creating small objects for the bunnies. We made:
A strawberry birthday cake (with candles), a tray of biscuits and singe biscuits, a fruit bowl,
a book and chocolate cake! Not to bad! (And waaay cheaper and more fun than just buy it from the toys shop.)
I'll hope that will inspire you too! Happy Crafting!

2010/06/15: Summer is really here now in England, the weather has been great... Almost too nice, since it's nicer to be outdoors than doing scrapbooking and art projects indoors. I always find the summer to be less creative and usually I'll take a break from indoor projects and instead I tend to do more photography and painting outdoors instead. Luckily the evenings are still here and I'm currently doing the last digital scrapbooking paper for the Vintage Collection, which will hopefully be finished by the end of the week, so don't forget to check it out later!

2010/05/31: It has been quite here at Furry Graphics for a couple of days, but it has been quite busy around here. We have had a friend coming over to visit us, so naturally there has been quite a lot of sight seeing, long walks and talks, great food and everything else, but not so much time over to update the website.
Today I've update with a new craft project which I did a week ago for my oldest daughter's best friend:
How to Remake a Tissue Box into a Get Well Soon Present.
I'll show you step by step how to create a wonderful get well present, which may not only be used to wipe you nose,
but may also be used as a little reminder that you have a creative and loving friend waiting for you to get well,
so that you can come out and play soon...
Get your paper ready and get crafty!

2010/05/26: Just a short update before I've to start cooking dinner for my starving family. I've updated with
Free Printable Lemon Labels
for home made marmalade or lemon curd jars.
Decorate your cooking with these primitive country inspired illustrated labels,
it will make your jars more pretty (and, who knows? Maybe they even taste better,
it's said that you "eat with your eyes" as well, so why not?)
Happy cooking everyone!

2010/05/24: Yes! The Elegant collection is finished and online! Yey!
My very second collection is complete! Digital Lace Paper backgrounds in 300 dpi is available now!
Also I'm quite sore from yesterdays punting session. Who on Earth would believe gliding down a river would actually result in being sore and stiff the day after? Well, there you go!
Monday morning, and the War of The Wardrobe has started with our youngest (and most stubborn!) daughter. How do you explain to a 4-year old that she cannot wear a silk party dress to kindergarten? Any suggestions? Mail me!

2010/05/23: Oh, I have just finished my latest collection: The elegant collection's latest member is:
Digital Lace Paper Backgrounds!
One of my favourite backgrounds, which is just perfect for
romantic or vintage scrapbooking layouts and would be just wonderful for baby or wedding themes!
I hope you like them too!
I'll try to add them to My Shop tomorrow or so, but right now:
It's time to put my youngest daughter to bed after a long, long sunny day with Sunday punting along the Thames...

2010/05/21: Just a short update before me and my youngest daughter are heading out in the lovely sunny weather
outside for a picnic in the forest! Yesterday we made Paper Art Butterflies,
which I documented with my camera and yesterday evening I created an easy step-by-step description
on how to make them. Paper art and embellishment is really not that complicated and
can save you quite a lot of money if you make it yourself (and be proud about it!), plus it's fun! Use them for card making, scrapbooking, gift tags and more!

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