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Latest updates and blog: Autumn and creativity in England and at Furry Graphics.

News and Blog!

2010/10/14: October is all about Pink! Support Pink Ribbon! Donate here!
Halloween is getting closer and closer, so I decided to have a special feature on the entry page, with my favourite autumn and Halloween craft and free art, including scrapbooking tags, paper dolls, conserve labels and of course my favourite Halloween Kitten (you have absolutely no idea how long it took to draw that kitten hat!) Nevertheless, October is also about Breast cancer support, so I've decided to add the Pink Ribbon Donate Link on all my main pages.
While Furry Graphics is slightly commercial, since I do sell certain scrapbooking products, I would like to have this site commercial free. However, I've decided to make an exception for charity such as the Pink Ribbon. I hope you don't mind. (Still, no horrible Flash-animated commercial banners will hopefully never ever find its way to my webpage!)
Anyway. I'm currently working on a new set of free cards, this time Birthday Invitation cards for children's parties, so pop in later this week to see if I manage to finish them before next week. Cheers for now!

2020/10/04: Support Pink Ribbon!
Donate here!
Ah, autumn, autumn! Isn't September and October the best months?
I just love the early part of autumn (the dark, rainy and cold part, when all the leaves have fallen of
the trees are... well, less fun), but right now, when the sun is shining and it's nippy outside and
the colours of the seasons are changing... Beautiful!
October is also the breast cancer months, so please donate and support the Pink Ribbon.
Cancer research is really getting better and better and has during the last decades
with support made major steps forward. For example this year my oldest daughter got her shot (completely free!)
against cervix cancer! How great isn't that, if you think about it?

2010/09/26: Autumn is coming to England, but the weather seems like it can't make up its mind: One day it's summer and the other day it's cold and rainy again. Nevertheless, autumn is the scrapbooking and crafting season and I'm happy to be back again. I've started knitting my very own socks, which I hope to share with you later on here on the website. Meanwhile: Take care and don't forget your umbrella.
Also: IMPORTANT NOTE: For you who have tried to purchase digital art from Furry Graphics: There has been a glitch in the system with Paypal, but that has now been taken care off, so welcome back to My Shop!

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