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Latest updates and blog: Winter and knitting at Furry Graphics in England.

News and Blog!

2010/11/29: Oh, I' neeearly there! I've almost complete a pair of cute leggings for my youngest daughter in pink with ribbons. Yesterday, she fell a sleep wearing one of them because she said it made her feel "cozy- pozy". Bless her!
Christmas is getting closer and to celebrate this season I'm having a Christmas sale with 20% off on all digital supplies.
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That means more money left for Christmas gifts, while you can still get your scrapbooking need fulfilled! :-)

2010/11/20: The knitting bug still has me, but I'm also starting to sort through this years photos and I'm starting to organize a new scrapbooking Christmas gift for my family and friends. I've managed to produce to less than: One pair of mittens for my youngest daughter. They have already been lost, unfortunately, but who knows? Maybe they will turn up (probably during spring) and I'm currently struggling with a pair of over-knee socks for my oldest daughter. At least one sock is done, and now I need more yarn. I have a special little shop (support your local stores, or they will disappear!) where I buy all my yarn. A couple of elderly ladies are in charge and they know more about knitting and yarn than I thought possible. It's nice meeting craft interested people, and to be honest: More friends than I knew about are secretly knitting back in their closets! It's becoming a world epidemic! Hurrah!

2010/10/21: October is all about Pink! Support Pink Ribbon!
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I've been caught by the knitting bug! Symptoms: Weak left hand (it even hurts writing this!), maniac behaviour such as obsession with patterns and insomnia. So far I've produced a pair of mittens and a pair of socks... But now my obsession has reached a new level: I'm constructing my own patterns for a pair of lace-knitted over knee socks for my oldest daughter. It's so much fun to design your own and I now frown at knitted socks in the shops. I can do that! But better and cheaper!
Meanwhile, today’s update is Friendships Quotes and Sayings, which can be used for scrapbooking or card making text. Enjoy and happy crafting!

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