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Here you can see updates that I made on Furry Graphics during 2008.

News and Blog!

2008/12/30: Oh, almost a New Year is here! I have updated with new a new set of Silk Paper Backgrounds for digital scrapbooking. The new digital paper has a crisp and slightly glossy texture, which is well suitable for New Year scrapbooking projects. Happy New Year everyone!

2008/12/27: I couldn't resist, so I updated with a couple of cute Happy New Year Kitten Animations, "purr-fect" to decorate your own myspace webpage, or (even better) post as a greeting on a catloving friends myspace page. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas together with your family!

2008/12/25: Merry Christmas everyone! I have updated with country style designed Boysenberry Labels for home made marmelade and jam jars! (Which, could be this years christmas gift!) Now, back to the Christmas celebrations,
it is time to spend time with my family. Merry Christmas!

2008/12/23: It is almost Christmas and I have updated with a new article: What do you need to scrap?, which will guide you thru the scrapbooking jungle and sort out what you need (and don't need) or what you should consider when you choose your scrapbooking supplies.

2008/12/21: The latest update in my new obsession: Vintage Wedding Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial!
(I blame the combination of reading Jane Austen "Northanger Abbey" and that I went to the movies with my oldest daughter and saw the romantic vampire movie "Twilight", which actually was really good.) I found my grandparents old wedding picture (after walking down memory lane up a-n-d down as I went thru two huge boxes of photos). I am really happy with the finished result and I want to share with you all how I did the project, step by step, so it ended up as a digital scrapbooking tutorial. Sometimes you see scrapbooking albums which look fantastic, but you always wonder how on Earth they have done it. Well, I don't like keeping secrets and I am more than willing to share a trick or two, so have a look at the tutorial...

2008/12/18: Alright, I admit: I am getting a little obsessed with the vintage style (oooh, it is almost a collection by now!) that I have been working on lately. Next up is Old Paper Backgrounds for digital scrapbooking, eight different old style paper with a soft notepaper structure (made from digital photos of my old handmade adress book...). Oh, and I have almost finished a new tutorial... Vintage wedding with my photos from my grandparents marrige, love them both, R.I.P.

2008/12/17: Ah, the vintage scrapbooking era continues... I have updated with four Digital Vintage Frames in old classic style, wonderful for wedding photos or if you are scrapping old family photos. (And they match the vintage scrapbooking tags that I made earlier this month...)

2008/12/15: The latest kitten clipart has arrived: Christmas Kitten, a sweet little black cat with santa outfit, perfect for all kinds of christmas crafting project and scrapbooking or cardmaking. I am also working on a tutorial where I will show how to make your own christmas scrapbooking tags.

2008/12/13: Oh, I love my new design: Vintage Scrapbooking Tags (if I may say so). Romantic Art Nouveau pattern in antique colours, absolute perfect for wedding scrapbooking projects or if you are scrapping old family photos! I think I just have to dig forward my grandparents old wedding photos and scrap, scrap, scraaap!

2008/12/11: I am really getting into the Christmas Spirit and this time I have updated the free stuff section with free printable Christmas Cards. You can print them directly and just sign them or if you like, cut them out (I left enough space) and mount them on coloured paper. Enjoy!

2008/12/08: I have updated with eight sweet Christmas and season's greetings sig tags, to put at the end of your e-mails.

2008/12/04: I have return from a lovely surfing vacation together with my familiy and I have now updated with four different Christmas Labels (candy canes, mistletoe, X-mas trees and presents) in the free section. Merry Christmas!

2008/11/17: I have updated with free printable Raspberry Labels in four different colours to put on your
home made marmelade or jam. Happy cooking!

2008/11/15: Funny and witty Kitten Quotes! I have updated the linkware section with the funniest and best cat quotes, which you can use as sig tags or Myspace decorations.

2008/11/13: The Practicing the ABC project is finished with a Zebra and a Yacht!

2008/11/11: The early learning project Practise the ABC has been updated again, this time with three pictures: a violin, a whale and a xylophone ready to colourize!

2008/11/08: The Winter Kitten Clipart Set is finisked! Lovelty winter kittens dressed for the colder weather playing in the snow are perfect for winter scrapbooking projects. I hope you like it!

2008/11/06: I have moved all the older news to the next page and I'm about to finish the Winter Kitten Clipart Set (including both a snowman and a snowkitten), which will be online later during the weekend.

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