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Updates and blogging regarding scrapbooking and craft ideas material that are available at Furry Graphics.

News and Blog!

2009/01/29: Pretty marmalade and jam Blueberry Labels in country style can be found at the free stuff section. I have been working a lot lately and my youngest daughter (3 years) is really in a phase where she prefer mommy, mommy and mommy. (Which is really cute and quite flattering, but unfortunately, the updating of Furry has been suffering a little.) But know she is snoring away and I had time to design new marmalade and jam labels, hope you like them!

2009/01/25: New update: Snowflake scrapbooking tags, which matches the snowflake digital scrapbooking frames that I did a week ago, so know you can make a whole snowflake scrapbooking layout! Huzzah, huzzah!
I have solved the computer problem momentarily at least, that is, I moved all programs and stuff to my super-Uber-effecient work computer. And let me tell you: Things goes so fast, it is almost scary. See, I am used to getting up and make some coffee while the computer is "thinking", but now "Zipflimp" and it is done! Scary... But really clever as well, so I'm not complaining.

2009/01/22: Finally, the latest update has been launched: Digital Vintage Vintage Paper Backgrounds. My poor computer is in desperate need of either retirement or a good solid cleaning, which I will try to do as soon as possible (read: approximately 10% chance during this weekend)! It took ages to finish the e-papers, but the result is on the other hand pretty good. I scanned a page from my oldest Christian books, which was printed in 1879 in Swedish.
The paper can be used for Christian scrapbooking or heritage layouts. Happy Scrapping!

2009/01/17: Ah, the weekend just came and went. I'm helping a friend of mine who has broken her hand, but luckily I found a couple of hours to finish the Digital Snowflake Frames for digital scrapbooking. I'm pretty happy with the result, so I'm planning on making a (gasp!) collection with snowflake scrapbooking tags and digtal background paper in a winter-y design. Visit me again and later this weekend to see how it turned out. (Unless the computer decide to retire, it is wooorking veeryyy sloooooow at the moment...)

2009/01/15: I have finished a new tutorial, Make Your Own Scrapbooking Tags, where I will guide you thru the easy creation of scrapbooking tags step-by-step. All you need is, paper, glue, ribbons, a nice golden pen... I am really happy (and actually a little bit proud) of the result, so please have a look at the craft section or follow the link above!

2009/01/13: Latest update: Fairy Envelopes, which matches the fairy stationeries that I made last week.
Just print and glue the edges together and put your fairy letter and send to a friend, who will (almost 100% guaranteed) appreciate your thought and kindness! I am also working on a craft idea tutorial, where I'm planning to show how you cn make your christmas scrapbooking tags (I stayed up yesterday to midnoght to finish them, and I'm pretty happy with the result and would like to share it with the rest of you...)

2009/01/11: I have done a new set of stationeries: Fairy Stationary with writing paper in different colours and styles. (I am secretly really pleased, since I had the possibility to try the silk paper background paper that I have uploaded earlier for the first time!) Yey for that! Anyway, I hope you liked it and maybe it will encourage people to actually sit down and write an ordinary letter instead of just writing a (boring) casual e-mail. Remember the time before e-mails, anyone?
... Then again, e-mails are pretty efficent, but every now and then it is nice to get an old fashionable letter in the mailbox.

2009/01/09: I have finished the Practising the Fruit project and updated with a smiling melon and grapes. At the moment my relatives are visiting, so time has been short this week, however I hope to update with a new set of stationaries and envelopes with fairy motives that I have made later next week. (Fairies, who can resist them?)

2009/01/07: Two new fruits has found their way to the Practising the Fruit page: A strawberry and a raspberry, both ready to get colourized by pre-school or day care kids. Enjoy!

2009/01/05: I have started a new colourize project: Practising the Fruit, much to my youngest daughter's satisfaction, since she is a big fan of my pictures (oooh, I am so proud!). Honestly, she comes pulling my sleeve saying: "Apple!" with an encouraging voice and scream of joy if I print the pictures for her. Wow, to be adored by a 3 year old... Sometimes you wish they would never grow up. In fact, everyone should have a 3 year old toddler in the house. That way, no one would ever get depressed... Ah, bless the little angels!

2009/01/03: Latest update: Free printable Winter Scrapbooking Tags! Being born and raised in Scandinavia, it is still strange to celebrate Christmas in sunny Queensland in Australia. But after skyping with relatives, who are complaining about snow and colds, I got inspired and decided to create snowflake decorated scrapbooking tags in cold pale colours. I hope you like the result! I am also making plans for a new kitten clip art set, and are constantly doodling small angel kittens...

2009/01/01: Happy New Year!
A new year, and new promises. My oldest daughter's new year resolution is to be more organized in school, so to help here I have done new back-to-school Cat school lables, with cute kittens and cat paw patters to brighten up the school books and notebooks with.

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