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2009/02/27: The rest of the ABC Flash Cards are finished. Check them out! Just print and practise with your children (my youngest daughter loves them!) I'm still thinking of doing some kind of game with flash cards, maybe like memory or something similar... Well, come back next week and we'll see what I've come up with! Until then...

2009/02/24: New Flash cards ready to download! After a wonderful weekend holiday together with my spouse, I'm back at work againg and back at updating the webpage again. I'm working on a new set with an Easter theme, with frames and scrapbooking tags, as well as a new Easter kitten clip art set, but I need to spend some time with my family as well, but hopefully I'll have something ready for next week...

2009/02/18: I have started a new learning project: Flash cards for children! My youngest daugther loves letters and I thought that I would try to make flash cards for her. I'm also thinking of making some kind of memory game with pictures and words... But right I'm looking forward to go on a weekend holiday (without the kids for the first time ever!) with my beloved (and sometimes a little neglected) partner. Have a nice weekend and see you next week!
Ooooh, and I almost forgot: Today Furry Graphics is celebrating its 100th page!

2009/02/13: I'm going through old photos at the moment and found a cute picture of my youngest daughter, when she was still just a baby... I had to scrap it, so I made a digital tutorial: Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial Winter Walk! And it is a winter picture as well, taken while we still lived in Sweden, before we moved to Australia... It really made me miss the true winters, at least for a little while... I'm still not really used to the hot summers and cool winters here, and I can't say that I miss snow t-h-a-t much really, however real winters (with snow!) are very beautiful and almost magical...

2009/02/09: Finally, the latest update is finsished: I Love Cats Avatars in pretty pink, cute little cat breed avatars to use as icons on forums, for cat lovers only, of course! (And for all of you who don't own a bengal cat or a siamese pure breed, don't worry, the domestic cat breed is included as well as a "I love my cat!" avatar.

2009/02/03: For all of you who are new to digital scrapbooking or just plain curious what digital scrapbooking is all about, I have written a new article regarding the subject. Read about the pros and cons and figure out if digital scrapbooking is something for you, plus some good things to consider regarding printing and preserving digital scrapbooking layouts.
Curious yet? Check it out: What is digital scrapbooking?

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