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Furry Graphics: Life with cats, family and scrapbooking

News and Blog!

2009/03/24: I proudly present the new arrival in our family:
After a trip yesterday to the vet, it turned out that:
a) Edward is a gal, b) Edward has been desexed and microchipped. c) Edward is around six year old.
The strange thing is that the microchip was not registred to anyone, so the green cross told us that if we called RSPCA and if they didn't have Edward registered as missing, Edward would become... Ours! (Not that you really own a cat, more like: "Yeah, alright, I'll let these puny h-u-m-a-n-s feed me then. And pat me. Mmm, a little to the right... Prrr)
So now she is ours! The only thing left is to get Molly (our other two year old cat) to accept her new "friend" and hopefully convince Edward that she should become an indoor kitten.
Oh, and yes, we have decided (well, my partner and our stubborn three year old daughter) that she will be called Edward in the future as well, they refuse to call her Edit or Edwina, as I have suggested. Oh, well, you can't have it all. Also the webpage has been updated, new cat avatars: Cats vs. Dogs to use on forums, etc.

2009/03/18: The Scrapbooking dictonary and glossary is expanding, part two is online.
... But who care? Here is the latest news about Edward (the cat):
Yesterday I attached a piece of paper (carefully taped on both sides) to his collar with the text:
"Does anybody own this cat?" and on the other side: Please call: 555-home number.
This morning the note was still there and no one has called yet... Next stop: A call to the local radio station,
to see if anybody has reported Edward missing.

2009/03/14: I have started a new project: a Scrapbooking dictionary and glossary for beginners (and for us others as well, since there is so much to learn!). Its actually quite fun to make the dictionary, already I have stumbled up on new techniques that I haven't heard of and are eager to try... Latest news regarding the cat Edward, we've called the Green cross and the dog pound, but no one have reported Edward missing. Next stop is the local radio station, and then a trip to the vet to see if Edward is microchiped... I'm sort of hoping that no one has reported him missing (since I'm already quite attached to the little furball, but on the other hand, if we can find the true owner (who probably missed their cat like crazy), that's a happy ending as well...I will also change the collar and I'm thinking of taping a message on the new collar were I'll ask the owner (if there really is one) to contact us...

2009/03/11: New country clip art update: Apple labels for home made applesauce or apple rice with country checked backgrounds, just add... Eh, home made applesauce... And a jar of course.
Also, let me introduce a new adopted familymember: Edward, the stray cat (pictures coming soon...) At least we think it is an Edward (no one has been allowed to lift the his/hers tail for confirmation yet). Anyway, totally adorable, tabby and utterly cute. He sleeps on the veranda and he's really friendly. We will contact the pound, to see if anyone is missing their pet, and if not... Welcome Edward (or Edwina?)

2009/03/07: Oooh, I'm so happy with my latest update: Velvet ribbon digital frames! I scanned a folded velvet ribbon and after some Photoshop manipulations I managed to make frames that looks like it's just one piece of a never ending ribbon. I got inspired by old vintage scrapbooking where sometimes they made ribbon frames for their photos, so the ribbon frames could be absolute perfect to use for heritage scrapbooking, or if you like baby scrapbooking layouts. I deliberately choose soft colours and included white, yellow (more amber really), pink and the sweetest blue. Not to bad, since the ribbon I scanned was dark red...

2009/03/05: New free digital scrapbooking backgrounds are ready, this time: Canvas paper backgrounds!
I got really inspired browsing different scrapbooking layouts the other day, so I decided to make a new set of paper background. "But why stay with just paper?", I thought, and after messing around in Photoshop I created my first (completly computer made) digital background set. Usually I just snap some photos and then add colours, but this time I made it all by myself. (Granted, it would have been faster taking photos, but this was more fun!) I hope you enjoy them and use them for your own design.

2009/03/02: The Easter scrapbooking tags are here! I went a little wild with the colours, so the tags are in crazy colours... Easter scrapbooking tags for print can easily be the finish touch to your Easter layout design, and I hope that the bright colours will remind us about the coming spring (that is if you live in the northern hemisfer, for myself I'm longing after the cool winter days with my knitted hoodie, a nice cup of tea, a good book and our cat Molly by my feet...) Happy (a little bit to early, but anyway) Easter everyone!

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