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Read the Furry Graphics' blog about scrapbooking, family life and cats!

News and Blog!

2009/05/25: For all of you who has noticed that the site has been silent and quiet the last month:
Here it the reason:
We are moving to England!!!
I hope to start updating soon again, please be patient and enjoy all the current material on the website meanwhile!
Cheers for now!

2009/04/06: The family is slowly recovering from the flu and I was "single mom" during the weekend since my husband had to travel to Cairns to take a English test. Beeing a single mom (even just over a weekend) and still suffering from the super bug have lead to a slight neglectance regarding Furry Graphics, but sooner or later there will be updates, updates and more updates. On the cat fronier: Edward and Molly refuses to become friends. Edward has seattled nicely as an indoor kitten, but Molly is still pretty nervous about her new flatmate. There have even been exchanges of furry backhands, so Edward is back at beeing locked in the study during the night, so that Molly has the possibility to roam freely in the house, instead of constantly hidding in the bathroom cupboard.

2009/04/01:Finally a new update! (The whole family is down with some super bug from kindy)
A new page in the Scrapbooking Dictionary and Glossary!
And now over to the latest cat news: Edward and Molly is sort of getting more used to the idea of a share home. That is, Edward is all happy and cosy, while poor Molly is slightly upset about the new family member and is mostly hiding in the closet... Poor darling. To make it a little bit more easy for her (she is after all loosing her territory) we let the cats be out and around in the house during the days, but during the night we keep Edward behind closed doors in the study, so that Molly has the opportunity to go around the house without getting freaked out. So far, so good. There has been some hissing and growling, but no direct open fights, so cross your fingers.

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