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Latest updates and blog regarding all new available scrapbooking material which are available at Furry Graphics.

News and Blog!

2010/01/30: I've got mail! Maaaail! Oh dear, I've just recently learnt how to check the Furry Graphics mailbox (duh!), and nice Sue kindly pointed out that the free digital backgrounds are not 300 dpi (which I thought!), but are in fact made in 72 dpi. Ops! Sorry about that! I've now changed the disinformation on the pages, and hope to update the true 300 dpi when I get back from my travelling. (Meanwhile... 72 dpi is still fairly decent when it comes to backgrounds and will make your computer run more smoothly...) If anyone else find weird mistakes on the webpage or wish to send a comment, don't hesitate, just contact me! (I now know even how to read the mail and will get back to you as well as post relevant comments here in the blog). Cheers for now!

2010/01/28: Yes! It is done! The Happy Valentine's kitten is here! A new kitten country clipart set with 50 pics of cute littel kittens, pink hearts and red roses! Use it for Valentine cardmaking, scrapbooking och craft projects! Go nuts! (I know I will!!!) I have already planed to make a pink basket decorated with lovely kittens and containing chocolate!
Also, while the Valentine kitten is up and running, the purchase system is currently down, but I have contacted them, and I hope that they will solve the problem soon.

2010/01/27: Sneak peek preview: Valentine Kitten, a kitten filled with luuuv!
I'm getting closer to finish the St Valentine's Day clipart, which with some luck and... eh, well some graphic work actually will be finished before the weekend. Since I'm not going to be able to update so much the next couple of weeks or so, I thought it would be kind of nice to finish a new set first... In the meanwhile: Say hello Valentine's kitten!

valentine kitty

2010/01/25: Oh, I have done the first kitten clip art in ages: Cute little siamese kittens! I'm thinking of making a St. Valentine kit for February, and I'm done with the cats, now I just have to add hearts, love letters, roses, etc. I think it will be brilliant! Also I have taken some photos of a knitted sleeping cap, which I did before we left Australia, which I will add to the Craft Idea section later on, so check back later!

2010/01/20: Furry Graphics is back again! For those who has noticed that the blog have been more or less completely silent the last couples of months (time flies, eh?), well let me tell you: Moving to a new country is never easy, but always new! So, some things (such as scrapbooking webpages) just have to wait. But, fear not, updating will start from now on!

And for all of you who ever considered moving your cat from Australia: It's not easy... And it takes money, time and a huge amount of paper work: But it can be done! Or in our case: At least sort of...

After sending away quotas to several pet agencies, we realized that bring both cats would be really, really expensive. And due to two reasons we made the hard decision to leave our found cat Edward behind, with the crucial condition that we really wanted her (for those who remember, Edward is a girl!) to have a new loving and caring home. That said, it wasn't easy, but Edward really h-a-t-e being caged, and sending her >24 hours on a plane just didn't felt right, plus the fact that Edward and Molly never got along, and Molly was starting to look more and more miserable, even after 3 month together.

But, Edward's story does get a happy ending: We found a wonderful couple who recently had adopted to kittens from RSPCA, and they took Edward in. Edward (being a sterilized female) loved her two new kittens from day one, and they usually sleep together and she licks them too. How adorable is that? (I'll update with pics next time)

Meanwhile Molly is living together with my granny's sister, but we hope to transfer her here to England as soon as we have a more pet-friendly home. As it is it was quite daunting to find a flat or house is you have two children (how ridiculous is that??) and bringing a pet... That's a no. But we hope to sort it out later on.

So. The last couple of months has been crazy and upside down. I haven't done any scrapbooking, except some birthday scrapping and some winter scrapping. I have also knitted a jumper in pink for my youngest daughter, which I may write a Craft Idea article about later on. But for now: I just wanted to tell all my readers: The cat is back!

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