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Latest updates and blog, spring and Easter has arrived here at Furry Graphics.

News and Blog!

2010/04/16: Yesterday I went past the local little flower and pets shop in town and bought some viola flowers
which I and my youngest daughter replanted into a couple of old metal tea jars.
A great way to recycle tea jars and the result is so nice. The cheapest kitchen make-over ever.
The rest of the violas ended up at the balcony together with the crocus.
I have made a new update as well! Free digital Parchment papers for scrapbooking are available now!
I took photos from one of my older books and then colorized them and add some texture in Photoshop. All togheter
my spouse and I have more than 1000 books in our tiny apartment. There are bookshelves everywhere - except for the bathroom (so far at least...) Anyway, I hope you like the latest free download here at Furry Graphic. See you soon again!

flower pot tea jar

2010/04/14: Yesterday the sun was shining and spring was really in the air, but today the weather has changed again:
It's cloudy more humid and a little bit nippy. The weather in April can't really make up its mind, my oldest daughter once said, and I think that is quite right. Anyway, to celebrate that spring is in fact on its way I have updated
with a new freebie: Flower Stationary, inspired by my mother-in-law's apple trees and
my neighbours budding Magnolia. I hope you like them!

2010/04/12: I know, I know: Easter has come and gone already... But I've just couldn't resist making free
Happy Easter Printable Cards for download with the Easter illustrations that I made earlier for the kids colorizing project.
Still, there will be a new Easter next year, and maybe some of you are just a little late with
sending you Easter cards anyway (myself included!).
Remember: It's never too late to send a Holiday card to someone you care for!

2010/04/11: New update: Heritage Paper Art Backgrounds, eight digital paper backgrounds for your genealogy,
family or lineage scrapbooking layouts and themes. I'm actually quite proud over these backgrounds,
since the colours came out right (faded sepia for example), and the result with stylish calligraphy
in combination with ink blots turn out rather nice. Like them to?
If you use any material on Furry Graphics, please Link to Me to spread the word,
and if you like, Send Me pictures and I'll publish them online!

2010/04/10: The sun is shining, the birds are twittering away and the rest of my family are having ice cream in the park.
But not me. I'm getting really bored with this cold now. Luckily, that gives me some time to update Furry Graphics,
so today I've finished the Scrapbooking Dictionary which I've been working on for quite a while.
(It is mainly for beginners, but also for more experienced scrappers or for people with English as a second language).

2010/04/09: Spring is really in the air here in England, but sadly I have a cold and can't enjoy it as much as I like.
Luckily the children has a father who can take them to the park (and coffee shops)
during their holiday. Meanwhile, I have been sitting indoors, fiddling away with Furry Graphics,
and I made a new freebie: Digital Kitten Frames, in bold colours which
I hope you'll enjoy if you feel like scrapping your cat (or other furry friends).

2010/04/08: New update: Easter Colourizing Projects for kids. I know, I know, Easter is almost over, but I couldn't resist drawing a couple of Easter Holiday pictures for my kids (and everyone else, since it is a freebie). Spring is in the air and I'm looking forward to the warmer season already.

2010/04/06: Back from work, again. Oh, Easter is upon us and my family has become quite devoted to the Easter Bunny! My youngest daughter (who is only 4 years old, bless her), now strongly believe in the Easter Bunny, after the following scenario in the store: The 4-year old suddenly recognize her favourite Easter eggs (Peppa Pig, what else?) at the cashier. Heartbroken, she realizes that she has already got her share of chocolate and she is also well aware that You Cannot Have Sweets While Grocery Shopping No Matter What. So she cries forlorn and my partner's heart goes soft. So, in secret, he sends the oldest daughter to buy the Easter present and then hang it on top of her bike as a gift from the Easter Bunny. You think she became happy? Oh, yes! (She hasn't stopped talking about it yet...) We have been doing quite a lot of crafting during the holidays, and if you are doing some Easter scrapbooking, I recommend the free Easter Scrapbooking Tags.

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