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Latest updates and blog, spring in England and at Furry Graphics.

News and Blog!

2010/04/29: My shop at Furry Graphic is OPEN!!!
I have received several mail from wonderful nice people from all around the world (yes, that's you Cate, Sue and Joanna!
To mention a few), who have asked if it may be possible to purchase the Paper Backgrounds in higher quality
than the 72 dpi that I've been giving away for free.
So, to make everyone happy I have decide to include them in various scrapbooking kits with
8 digital scrapbooking paper backgrounds in 300 dpi JPG-files of high quality for the low price of $ 3.00
(Cause you know, artists need money and love too...)
Check out the My Shop at Furry Graphic and support this website by purchasing your
scrapbooking supplies here! Cheers and thanks for all your mails!

2010/04/28: Oooh, my partner is back again and the kids have really missed him!
It's so nice to have him back and have the family whole again!
Yesterday my youngest daughter and I did an painting project together,
and from that I got the idea of making digital Watercolour Paper Backgrounds,
inspired by by daughter and Monet's garden with big broad brushstrokes on water soaked paper.
It turned out quite nice, so I hope you like them too!

2010/04/27: I'm taking a couple of days of from work to take care of my children full time,
while my partner is a way for three days of work.
And OMG, it's nice to be a full time mum again! I've really missed fiddling away at home and having that
never-ending-time for cuddling. Also our home has benefited as well, it's cleaner than when we moved in!
Don't get me wrong though, I love my work and I really believe that my work is important for me,
but I wouldn't mind being home more often and sometimes I'm deeply envious at the other housewives here in England.
Oh, well. You can't have it all, I guess.
Anyway. New update: Free Plum Marmalade Labels,
for all you lucky, lucky housewives (and also everyone else of course!)

2010/04/26: A couple of years ago I picked up a nice old frame at a charity flea market and for a long time
I have had a cute picture of my oldest daughter (wearing a fairy costume) in that frame, but today I've made turned it into four new Old Wooden Digital Frames to share with you guys. Excellent for vintage or shabby chic scrapbooking!
I hope you like them too!

2010/04/25: The other day I visited my local art shop in town. It's such a lovely little store, completely cramped with everything you never new you needed (and a couple of more things as well). I picked up some coloured paper for a project that I was going to do with my youngest daughter this weekend, but the side-result turned out to be a new update in the Craft Idea section: DIY Flower Embellishments, perfect for traditional scrapbooking, card making or other art projects. (And, you don't need any of the expensive punches, just an ordinary hole puncher, and that's optional!) 2010/04/23: Oh no, I'm back in my creative addiction! I admit...
I have made some free Mulberry Silk Paper Backgrounds! Perfect for baby and toddler scrapbooking or romantic layouts!
But, on the other hand, I'm in such a creative mood right now, I can't really feel bad about it. Also, the colour printer at the child care centre broke down, so now I can't indulge in craft and print projects,
so all that creative energy has to go somewhere, right?
(Oh, and for those who wonder "Mulberry" is a kind of silk, not to be confused with expensive fashion brands...)

2010/04/22: I have made som new... No, not scrapbooking backgrounds! I'm trying to break my addition and
instead I've made some Apricot Marmalade and Jam Labels for print.
Right now I'm currently in a creative mode (I guess you could tell if you have been following my blog...) and
everything I see around me can any second be turned into some art or craft project!

2010/04/21: Al right, I admit: I'm an addict! My new passion? Digital scrapbooking backgrounds!
I've been looking around at various free scrapbooking supplies webpages and OMG,
there is just so much boring and dull scrapbooking paper out there! So, I thought: Hang on! I can do this better (and faster!).
Armed with my digital camera I went out and aimed at innocent kitchen towels, my daughter's silk PJs (coming soon!),
my curtains, jeans, etc. And then: The creative rush of Photoshop and Illustrator.
The result? Well... I do hope you like the latest update: Shabby Chic Paper Art Backgrounds (the victim of a table cloth
and more). I'm completely in love with vintage scrapbooking layouts,
so there's probably going to be quite a lot of that here at Furry Graphics! Cheers for now ;-)

2010/04/20: Oh, yesterday was such a classic Monday morning: Crazy kids, forgotten P.E. clothes,
endless discussions regarding the length of the school skirt and lunch money. Yep, the Easter holiday is sooo over!
But, on a brighter note: Monday afternoon: Picking up an increadible happy daughter
at kindy and picking flowers all the way back home.
My olderst daughter came home with a friend and not only did do the grocery shopping,
they also cooked a nice dinner for the whole family (pasta with cream sauce with broccoli and other veggies).
I have made a new update as well: Cat avatars, free linkware to use as forum pictures. I hope you like them, cause I think they turned out quite pretty!

2010/04/18: Aaah, the weekend just flew by with its wonderful wheater!
We went to the park and today the whole family had a picnic outdoors. The sun was shining and I could sit
under a tree in short-sleeves. Just fantastic!
I wish all days where like this, I have really missed spring and summer temperatures.
I also took some nice photos of some budding Magnolia flowers, which I may do something creative with later on.
Meanwhile the latest update here at Furry Graphics is free printable Flower Envelopes
to go with the Flower Stationary kit which I made earlier this month. Enjoy!

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